Tenacity in creative web design, Collaboration and Thinking outside the box. Hello, my name is Steve Pharris and those are just a couple of my design traits I use to deliver a quality, & highly functional website design. In an open source CMS platform able to grow with you and your business. As a website designer & developer my experiences with my clients has shown me the importance of getting a not only a visually appealing website design, but just how critical the ease of use, functionality and search engine optimization is. Get noticed with a stunning website design that search engines will find.


“A GOAL WITHOUT ACTION IS JUST A DREAM, action without goals is a waste of time, and goals with action can change the world”

One of my absolute favorite sayings. As a website designer, it’s so easy to take that simple idea for granted every day. It’s too easy to take that short path to getting your website design published quickly. Your website developer has an enormous responsibility, it’s their job to come up with a creative website design that not only accurately displays who you are and what you do to the world, it should look good doing it too. I see it time and again, clients coming to me for a website redesign because they took the easy cheap way the first time. It’s a waste of time, don’t let opportunity or an innovative idea pass you by. Seize it! All the more reason to act right now, you are already looking for the right opportunity or innovative idea to nurture your business or organizations dreams and achieve your goals. Is it serendipity that landed you here? Or opportunity? Either way I am happy you stopped by. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, and what drives me in my website design work. My favorite part of being web developer is getting to meet and learn all about my clients and what they are looking for in a new website design, or website redesign even. I enjoy showing my clients my website design portfolio, watching them tell me what they like about this particular website design or another. How did I get this passion and creativity as website designer? I think the answer to that started at a much younger age. I hope you are interested enough by now to read further and get a glimpse to what I am referring to. This is the type of passion and tenacity you will find in my website designs, and other work I do at Seckora Consulting.

About Steve Pharris

Website Designer & IT Specialist
Seckora Consulting

I was a curious mind right from the start, I ALWAYS had to figure out the way something worked. When I was younger I would take all my electronics apart to see what made them tick. My parents would refuse to buy me anything that took a battery, because they knew it would end up being taken apart.

I broke a lot of toys.

Though I learned a lot as well. And soon what were once broken toys were actually becoming valuable lessons. Lessons in basic logic. For example, I could easily discover what something isn’t by discovering what is. Or what it is by what it could not possibly be. Simple process of elimination, so to speak.

“This must be the motor in my remote-control car, because I know a motor spins, and this board with all fascinating electronic looking parts doesn’t spin.”

I know that may be a bad analogy, but it is still basic logic. From there it only progressed, my broken toys became parts and pieces to build and tinker with. I was soon figuring out circuitry, mechanics and engineering. Naturally this, little did I know it at the time was my path, my niche. I had found some likeminded friends as I grew, friends that were tinkerers and just as curious as I was. We had the greatest times with such the nerdiest hobbies. A friend of mine introduced me to CB radios. He had one in his room, so when I got one we could talk while one of my sisters hogged the phone. It was fun. We used to ride our bikes everywhere at that time, but way before the age of cell phones, even pagers, we had wanted a way to have that communication while we were on our bikes. Of course, we decided to mount the CB’s to our bikes. Only thing was power, a car battery would be too heavy to lug around. Well I knew CB radios used 12 volts to power them. And I knew the lantern batteries in his garage were 6 volts, it said so in big letters right on the side. We just had to figure out how to make that 6+6=12 volts work. Had to be possible. Of course, it was even though it didn’t work the first way I hooked up the power. I didn’t yet know the difference between series and parallel connections. Needless to say, we figured it out.

Teamwork, determination, and resourcefulness.

Powered by 2 lantern batteries connected in series to get the right voltage, a major lesson was unfolding. Collaboration, Teamwork and our resourcefulness. It made that idea nerdy possible.


Education, EXPERIENCE & background

Brief Summary of Coursework:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Html / CSS
  • PhP / MySQL
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • WordPress
  • Typography

Since 1995 with a strong background in the tech industry, that started before I was an adult. I continually progressed through more and more challenging job descriptions. While working on computers, servers and networks. Sometimes for larger, other times smaller companies. It was a great way to progress in the industry without formal training or a degree. I just didn’t feel this was utilizing my creative side in a fulfilling manner.

I wanted more

I decided to try a radical new direction by studying graphics design. It was during this coursework a forgotten interest in coding and website design came back with full force. With the solid foundation in graphics design it seemed like a great combination to forge a new path and direction. Which in turn led to my studies in web development.

Life and love brought me from Vancouver after graduating from Clark College in 2012. It didn’t take long for me to start using my considerably more developed set of skills. A friend introduced me to Matt Seckora by email. Matt was in California at the time, he decided to give me a chance working for his company Seckora Consulting. It was the first time I had been hired by someone that I hadn’t met in person. It has turned out to be a great path that found me.

The Dalles, Oregon. What a beautiful place!

So close to so many things I love to do for fun. Such a tight knit community that supports its own. It didn’t take long to call this place home. In the short time I have lived here I have met and gotten the opportunity to work for so many interesting clients. Both in IT support and Website Development. Finally, I had found a career path and home I felt passionate about!