Roseburg Public Schools The Target Of Ransomware Attack


Ransomware Attack Targets Oregon Public Schools

Roseburg Public Schools in Oregon is the most recent educational institution feeling the wrath of cyber criminals.  On Monday, May 7, 2018, school officials identified an undisclosed ransomware variant on their networks.  The malicious attack took down the school’s email systems, website, and software.  IT professionals are working to restore the encrypted files and have also published a temporary website until they’re able to get the permanent website back online.

School officials are not releasing the ransomware variant or the ransom demands, due to the investigation being ongoing.

Roseburg’s superintendent, Gerry Washburn made the following statement to The News Review,

“IT personnel are working to restore encrypted files that were affected by a computer ransomware attack. The district took steps to “neutralize” the attack and said it didn’t appear student, staff or parent information had been stolen or compromised.”

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 Credit to: Kayla Elliott

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