This was a fun website to build for our client Mary Rollins. This website was built in WordPress. It is a mobile friendly website loaded with cool features and can be easily upgraded in many ways.

Mary’s website is connected to all her social media accounts. This makes it so when Mary adds any content, that content (blog post, painting, or event) is then auto posted to her social medial accounts as well. In this instance one post automatically goes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. This is a powerful feature and saves Mary a ton of time getting her content out to all her followers. She compared it to Hootsuite with a smile, but there are no fees to pay for this as this is a built in feature.

The gallery consists of a custom post type created for her paintings. She can log into the website and add her latest work easily for the world to see. That too also gets auto posted to all her social media accounts. The paintings are displayed in a grid on the front end. The images open in a light-box as she requested, you can also click into the post and view more details on the painting. The next step for her gallery will be to enable the online shopping options so she can sell from her website.

Mary’s website is SEO optimized and has integrated analytics. Which is linked to Google and Bing. Here she can track what viewers are looking at. How long they stayed on her page. How they landed on her website, and any search terms used to find the page.

While the site looks simple and elegant there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes to make using it an easy and time saving experience.

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