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Microsoft Scammers

Microsoft Support Scammers

Microsoft Support Scammers

Scams come in all shapes and sizes. The evildoers who create viruses and spyware, for instance, often rely on scare tactics, like a pop-up window with an alarming message like, “Your computer is infected! Click here to scan your system and remove the malicious software.” Recently there has been a plague of fake Microsoft Support calls to unsuspecting people.

Of course, savvy computer user know better than to click such a pop-up, and that such warnings are often the infections themselves trying to hack into your PC or trick you into entering your credit card number.

That’s why scammers have turned to a new tactic: the telephone. As described over at the Windows Security Website. “We’ve detected rogue software on your computer. We can take care of it for you; we’ll just need your credit card number.”

“The callers pretend to be from Microsoft and try to sell the victim something, direct them to a specific website, asked for remote access, to install software, a credit card number, or run a bogus security scan that showed an infection.”

I hope it goes without saying that if any company calls your home or office and asks for personal information, you should never provide it. Instead, hang up, call the company in question, tell the representative about the call you received, and ask if there’s a problem with your account.

For the record, there is absolutely no way for Microsoft to “detect” a problem with your PC. Windows can detect problems, and in some cases even report them back to Microsoft, but there is no such thing as a proactive Microsoft support department that calls you to offer help.

It’s always a good idea to keep your computer running smoothly and safely. We all trust our internet browsing is secure and safe, that our personal information is just that, personal.

Seckora Consulting is here to help you keep your computer running at an optimal rate. Whether it’s a routine proactive tune-up, malware / virus removal, or setting up programs / peripherals. We are the face you know and trust. Not some unknown caller offering bogus help.

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